The Technology Applications Group (TAG) provides engineering services for integrated circuit development. We service both commercial and military customers. Engineering support can be provided in all areas of electronic system and integrated circuit design and development including technology assessment, detailed circuit design and analysis, device and circuit modeling, process and circuit test device design, layout, mask generation, electrical test and characterization. TAG also manages integrated circuit development teams and provides foundry interface services. During the past few years we have designed over 50 mixed signal integrated circuits incorporating analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, switched capacitor filters, high performance operational amplifiers and comparators, bandgap references and power supplies, chopper stabilized amplifiers, phase locked loops, low-noise wide bandwidth transducer amplifiers, micro power linear circuits including transimpedance amplifiers and multiplexers for infrared sensing, video and radio circuits, telecommunications circuits, and medical electronics. We are versed in many technologies including CMOS, bipolar, SOI, BiCMOS and GaAs. We have either used or are familiar with the CMOS processes of Orbit, MOSIS, TRW, Harris, Honeywell, AT&T, AMI, LSI Logic, Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft -- Raytheon, TI, UTMC, HP, Mitel, ADI, Western Digital, Silicon Systems and others.

- Our commercial background has included A/D conversion devices, power monitoring circuits, and high reliability products for automotive applications.

- Our military experience includes a variety of designs including radiation hardened signal processing electronics. We have even developed superconductor interface circuitry. These designs have supported tactical, strategic, and satellite applications. Many of the more novel developments for the military have eventually found use in commercial applications. Our customer base has included Lockheed, Hughes Aircraft -- Raytheon, TRW, Rockwell International -- Boeing, Texas Instruments, LSI Logic, Mission Research Corp., Jaycor, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, Grumman, Western Digital, Silicon Systems, Zilog, the USAF and USN and others. For our military customers, we have established rates with the Defense Contract Audit Agency and have performed under the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We use a comprehensive accounting system. We provide all of our own facilities, hardware and software and maintain a company benefits program. We satisfy all federal and state business requirements.We are available to assist you in the development of state-of-the-art integrated circuits and systems at any level. We are particularly pleased to support our customers with our extensive mixed signal background.